Chick Update


Posted by Mrs Tyson | Posted in General News | Posted on 16-05-2017

This morning we have 4 chicks and many of the remaining eggs have holes and cracks in the shell!

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I am so sorry that I won’t see them today as I am not in school.
Please, please, please can you post some photos. Are they boy or girl chicks?
Make sure you are good mother hens now Acorn Class.

We are all so excited! We have 4 chicks in their house and we have 2 chicks drying and resting in the incubator. We have taken lots of photos which we will post and we even managed to film a chick hatching! As the chicks aren’t very clean, it is difficult to tell which ones are yellow and which ones are brown. We think there may be more boys than girls at the moment.

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